Migrating from Microsoft Outlook to Google Apps GMail

Many people can be daunted by the relatively unfamiliar GMail interface when first coming from Outlook, here are a few tips to make things a little more comfortable.
  • Turn off conversation view

  • How to create folders
  • Popup Toast Notifications
        Part of Chrome browser Tutorial

  • How to set up mailbox rules

Filter emails with specific content

Many companies have commercially sensitive data that they do not wish to have emailed out the business.   

Using Google Apps with Microsoft Outlook

  • Outlook Web Connector, 

  • add a profile, 

  • IMAP settings

Transferring to a reseller

Transfer token, billing etc

Telephone Exchange/Asterisk/Gigaset

Reduce spend with VOIP, resilient infrastructure

Migrating from a POP3 server using Google Apps GMail

Using GMail to consume POP3 mailbox

Creating distribution groups and email aliases

Nicknames and Groups/Distribution lists, external email address

What to do when a user leaves

Change a user into a group and keep mailbox count low, migrate using POP3 tutorial 

Google Drive 

shared folders and application

Google Docs

Lucid Chart

Google Chrome Browser

Group policy templates, popup toast, multiple sign ins, recording web history

Google Sites

Migrate from Microsoft SharePoint to Google sites, using Google Apps Authntication

Embedding Google Presentation in Google Sites

Mobile Devices

Device Management, security

Chrome Remote Desktop

Remote assistance over the Internet 


If This Then That, aggregation


Google Hangouts

Remote conference, multi party

Google Talk

Instant Messenger